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Summer in Hawaii 2019: Week 7 Recap

We are finally feeling like we're a part of the community in Honolulu and we're starting to see familiar faces on our adventures into town.

We've loved living the island life so far and we've had a lot of great experiences with friends on Oahu. Chrissy and Makayla took us to the Waialua Sunflower Farm up near the North Shore. Kate and Brett took us out to dinner at a Sichuan restaurant where we explored Chinatown for this first time, a favorite area for locals.

Besides that, we've been working hard: editing throughout the day at home or at a coffee shop close by. We know our immediate area really well now and will continue to explore for the next few weeks! And some photos:

Waialua Sunflower Farms
Waialua Sunflower Farms with Chrissy and Makayla.

Brandi at Surfers Coffee
Brandi at Surfers Coffee.

Chrissy at Surfers Coffee
Chrissy at Surfers Coffee.

Makayla at Surfers Coffee
Makayla at Surfers Coffee.

Jacob at Surfers Coffee
Jacob at Surfers Coffee.

And a bonus photo I never edited/posted when Brooke and Rich visited:

Waikiki Brewing with Brooke and Brandi
Waikiki Brewing with Brooke and Brandi.

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