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Carlota and Lia Visit Cabo Verde

We interviewed Carlota about her amazing trip to Cabo Verde and this is what she writes:

"Lia and I went to Cape Verde last June - Cape Verde is a Portuguese colony in Africa. There are ten islands and we had the pleasure to visit three of them. We wanted to have some rest, sun and fun, and we certainly did!

"We started our trip in Sao Vicente, we were staying at a hotel five minutes away from the city center, the hotel was quite cheap and nice. We visited the "Monte Verde" that was the tallest mountain in the island but thanks to the fog we couldn't enjoy the good views that are usually offered from that place. We also spent a day with a Taxi driver who showed us the north part of the island - the beaches were super nice but too windy. We managed to go out and the locals tried to show us how to dance, but we discovered that they have some muscles that we don't- especially in the hip area....

"Our second stop was Boa Vista, where we enjoyed the most beautiful beaches, white sand- hundreds of kilometers of it, no one around and super cheap beer! The seafood wasn't that expensive either and the locals were very nice again. We joined a group of tourists to see the desert and the tortoise rehab center. 

"To finish our amazing trip we ended up on Sal island. This one was the most touristic one, which made the price of the food and beer higher but still affordable. The beach was nice as well and full of surfers, as they had huge waves (and muscles again hahaha). The temperature on the three islands were more than okay; not too hot during the day and at night sometimes we needed a tiny jacket. We highly suggest you visit this country before it gets spoiled by tourism, as it's increasing every year!" - Carlota Borraz

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