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Show Us Your Brews! Episode 5 on the Hawaiian Island of Maui

Our fifth episode of Show Us Your Brews! brings us to the Hawaiian island of Maui. In the summer of 2019, Brandi and I lived on Oahu for 3 months and we decided to hop of a cheap Southwest flight to visit Maui with our fellow nomad, Chrissy.

Our priority was coffee and beer so we had to check out all of the breweries scattered across the island as well as the quaint tropical coffee spots. Maui Brewing Co in Kahana was first on our list to see their oldest, still-operating location. We followed this by going to the Kohola Brewery which is actually now brewing in Maui Brewing's OG spot. Hey, we got to learn some history while drinking the island's best brews.

Nearly every day while on the island featured a visit to the Jaws Country Store for coffee and brunch. We fell in love with this outdoor spot and highly recommend it. Most people stop here before venturing out on the Road to Hana.

We end the episode at Maui Brewing's flagship Kihei location where all their beer is brewed - an awesome place to hang out and watch the sunset. Maui has some great brews and the local businesses keep the tropical atmosphere on point.


Next episode we head to Australia for some brews. For now, we leave you with some photos from the Maui adventure!

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