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Summer in Hawaii 2019: Week 6 Recap

We're onto week 7 already for our Hawaiian Summer but here's a look at week 6.

We take a moment to talk to y'all about our lives here regarding transportation, daily routines and working remotely. When we shot this vlog, we were walking down the hill from our place to go edit at a coffee shop and meet up later with Chrissy, Makayla and Brett at Beer Lab.

This was shot on our newer camera: the DJI Osmo Action which has a gimbal built into it. I was just using it handheld and it's extremely steady - it's the size of a GoPro and even looks like one. It's extremely easy to store in my pocket throughout the day. The audio was coming from a lavalier microphone that was attached to an H1n recorder in Brandi's pocket.

This is our first "vlog" style video and we love that you get to hear from us instead of the usual music + visuals. We'll try to do these more often! Mahalo for reading!

Rainbow over Honolulu from our window.

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