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Summer in Hawaii 2019: Week 2 Recap

We've survived 2 whole weeks on the island... resources running low. Funds are gone. Send for help.

Just kidding - I never know if anyone is reading these posts.

Oahu (and specifically Honolulu) isn't AS expensive as people have said BUT we're quickly realizing you have to budget and figure out what you need, what you want and what is a complete luxury. Yes, groceries are more expensive than back home (for example: one of the grainless soup cans we get back home is $2.39 and here at Foodland it is $4.99) but we've shifted what we purchase here at the grocery store.

We've started to explore in our neighborhood a bit and the closest area of shops, restaurants and bars is Kaimuki - a happening spot. Waikiki is the sharp end of the spectrum for tourism on Oahu but for good reason. The beach is insanely perfect and Diamond Head provides a nice backdrop. We've picked up a routine of walking down our hill to the bike station (15 minute walk), grabbing a Biki to ride to Waikiki (15 minute bike ride) and strolling the beach. There are also plenty of coffee shops in this area to pick a new one anytime we are in the area.

With that said, coffee is similarly priced to back home (San Antonio/Austin) and we've been notating all of the Happy Hours around town. Waikiki Brewing is an amazing spot to work on their patio - the atmosphere is perfect for editing, socializing and people watching. Their Happy Hour includes all of their main brews (about 10 of them) for $5 from 3-5. So even beers in the hot spot of Oahu can be affordable if you plan the day accordingly.

We found our favorite poke at Fresh Catch - the Spicy Hawaiian Poke Bowl for $8 or $9 and Cafe Kaila right down the street is ridiculously delicious with HUGE portions. I got their special: the Meatloaf Benedict and it was WAY too good. That was about $12 and Brandi and I could have split it because it was so much food. Tomorrow we head to Maui to check out what's going on over there. Excited to keep exploring!

Taking the Biki for a spin.

Our favorite brewery for Happy Hour.

Strolling down Waikiki Beach.

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