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Summer in Hawaii 2019: Week 12 Recap

This past week was a full one. Not only did we catch up on editing at home, we filled in almost every day with a new adventure. We've been making it a point to work through half of each day and go out into the Hawaiian world while we still can.

On Tuesday, Kate and Maria took us to a dog surfing competition that was part of Duke's Oceanfest 2019 at Waikiki. We got to see so many pups surfing with their owners, surfing solo, and a lone duck stole the show. I took up my drone of course, you can see the footage in the recap video but I also made a dog surfing video.

dog surfing
Dog surfing competition at Waikiki.

After the competition, we met up with Jake #2 from San Antonio and wandered around the Kaka'ako, Ala Moana area. His ma took us to lunch and ordered all of the Korean food for us at Ireh. We were so full and happy making our way through the Ala Moana mall to a place that you pour beers yourself called Off the Wall. We then zombied our way over to the point of the Ala Moana Park for a ridiculously beautiful sunset.

sunset at waikiki
Sunset at Waikiki on Kuhio Beach.

magic island
Brandi soaking up the final rays on Magic Island.

show us your brews
Show Us Your Brews!

On Wednesday, Jake Lawson and I Ubered over to the Koko Crater Trailhead and hiked up the railroad ties up to the Head. You can see so much from up on this mound including Hanauma Bay (seen in the photo below), the marina near Hawaii Kai, and the backside of Koko that looks towards the Makapu'u Lighthouse. We didn't time it, but I suppose it took us about an hour to get to the top. We checked out the palatial view and I sent up my regalia to capture some aerial shots. Jake took me over to Waiola Shave Ice afterwards for a post-hike treat.

koko head
Koko Head from the Crater side.

On Thursday we walked over to Manoa Valley to meet up with Jake before he set out back to Texas. His mother lives over there by the Manoa Safeway and we ate breakfast at Morning Glass, a local coffee shop. Always a great time with him, we moseyed around the Manoa Marketplace then headed back towards home to get some work done. Friday we worked from home but Saturday we did one of 'em half-days. In the afternoon, we hoofed it down to Waikiki, floated around in the water then walked back. This walk is about 6.15 miles roundtrip.

Sunday was an amazing day. We went out with Kate, Brett and friends on a pontoon boat to the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar - we had fun meeting some of their friends and getting to know some of the people we've seen around the island. This was a great way to end our Summer in Hawaii.

It's not technically over yet, but this day led into our last full week here on Oahu. Week 13 will be spent around town in Honolulu and Week 14 will take place in Australia. Week 15 will feature 3 nights on Oahu then back in the Texas Hill Country. I look forward to sharing these moments with y'all!

Cheers from the Sandbar.

kaneohe bay
Kaneohe Bay Sandbar from the drone.

Maggie in full swim gear.

dog surfing
Brandi, Maria and Maggie watching the pups.

ala moana
Sunset from Magic Island at Ala Moana.

dog surfing
Brandi, Maria, Kate and Maggie at the red tent.

Kate holding Maggers.

kaneohe bay
You can see the reef that we snorkeled over.

dog surfing
Surfers watching the dog surfing competition.

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