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MAUI - Summer in Hawaii 2019: Week 3 Recap

We went on our first island hopping adventure this last week: to the The Valley Isle of Maui. Here's a recap:

Before I continue, I want to go through the 8 Hawaiian islands' nicknames for future reference. I'm also including their Titles before Hawaii became a state in 1959:

  1. Hawai'i - The Big Island "Moku o Keawe"

  2. Maui - The Valley Isle "Nā Hono aʻo Piʻilani"

  3. Lānaʻi - The Pineapple Isle "Moku o Kaʻululāʻau"

  4. Molokaʻi - The Friendly Isle "Moku o Kaʻululāʻau"

  5. Oʻahu - The Gathering Place "Ke one o Kakuhihewa"

  6. Kauaʻi - The Garden Isle "Moku o Manokalanipō"

  7. Niihau - The Forbidden Isle "Moku o Kahelelani"

  8. Kahoʻolawe - The Target Isle "Kohe Mālamalama a Kanaloa"

Last Sunday, we landed on Maui with Chrissy and began 3 days of new-island-adventure. First we had to grab beer and poke at Tamura's and bring it to a beach. We traveled South and found the Big Beach at Makena State Park where we ended up laying in the sun for 4 hours.

Our Airbnb was in Paia, so we headed into the small town to enjoy dinner during the sunset at Cafe Des Amis where we listened to Christine Corey sing and jam with her musical partner. They were super talented and truly fit the cafe's vibe.

The next day we grabbed breakfast and coffee at the Jaws Country Store near our place. This was a must-go for us each morning. Fish tacos, poke bowls, banh mis, banana bread toast (with fruit, syrup & cream), iced coffee with stuff in it - they have it all.

Maui Summer Hawaii 2019
Jaws Country Store

The rest of the trip involved a few beaches (Kanaha, Baby Beach in Lahaina, Waianapanapa), a few breweries (Maui Brewing Co. x2, Kohola Brewery) and a lot of driving on tiny cliffside roads (The Road to Kahakuloa, The Road to Hana). I leave you with some photos from the trip!

Maui Summer Hawaii 2019
Look at that posture.

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