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Floating the Comal River in 2020

Ahh yes, the year Twenty Twenty has been an odd year when it comes to floating the Comal River here in New Braunfels, Texas. The river couldn't be technically shut-down but all of the city's river parks were closed for months and months - basically the entire tourist season.

The one week long gap that they were open, we tubed down the river with Karla and saw the entire length of the Comal.

There were closed for months again, but when they opened up - we took full advantage and dropped our tubes in a few times. We got to see Jon, Karla and Alexa one of these days and we rode the current from Hinman Island to The Float In right past the main tube chute.

Check out the video up above, I threw in some drone shots of the Comal River, specifically from Hinman Island and around the Tube Chute. I'd love to create a full Length of the Comal River video using only drone footage of its entirety but first I need to collect more footage with the drone along the river. We live walking distance from the water so we'll be going out a lot even as the weather begins to head south. Love those mild Texas winters here in New Braunfels!


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