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Catching 40+ Fish at Chalk Bluff Park - Texas

Immediately after shutdowns in 2020, we escaped the city life to something more quiet out near Uvalde, Texas. April 2020 we drive the 2-3 hours to Chalk Bluff Park for 2 nights in a cabin. This is the only time we'll ever get to be at the park by ourselves - we rarely saw a single person during our 3 day stay.

Normally when we visit the Nueces River we catch a few bass, but throughout this trip we ended up catching over 40 fish. Bass, bluegill, perch, we were harvesting the waters. Garrett (of course) caught the most fish and the biggest - around 14 inches for one bass in particular.

The only regret I have from this trip is that I wish we stayed for an entire month. It was incredibly beautiful during our stay, and I still can't believe how quiet it was for days on the river. We slept in the Christopher Robin cabin near the Big Tree and fished the entire stretch of the Nueces from property line to property line.

We've been back several times since this trip and I plan to make a similar style video for each trip. Here is the list of Chalk Bluff videos I've created/have in the works:

I'll be working on these throughout 2021 as I continue to go through Terabytes and Terabytes of footage I've captured over the years. Can't wait to show y'all! Thank you for your continued support.


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