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Show Us Your Brews! Episode 1 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Our FIRST EVER episode of “Show Us Your Brews”! With the world as our office, we often find ourselves editing away in coffee shops and breweries, whether we’re in our hometown of San Antonio or out adventuring. We like to keep it fresh, so we use Google to find the coziest places to down an espresso or a pint, but our searches typically leave us with many unanswered questions: “What’s the vibe like inside?”, “Is the seating work-friendly?”, “Is there loud music?”, “If we were dog-sitting, could we bring said dog?”, etc. Google Images only gets us so far, and we know we’re not the only ones on the hunt for tasty bev. So we decided to take you there through video, bring you the vibe, bring you the flavors, bring you the answers. Follow along for endless explorations of coffee shops and breweries across the globe, wherever we may find ourselves.

In our first episode, we keep it local as we visit CommonWealth Coffeehouse, Roadmap Brewing Co., and Alamo Beer Company all in the downtown San Antonio area. Look forward to friendly service and plenty of delicious options at these three locales!


Hays St. bridge from the drone.

the alamo

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