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Camping at Chalk Bluff Park – March 2018

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Jon and I headed out to Chalk Bluff over the weekend to campout, spearfish and catch up along the Nueces River. This took place in March of 2018. Bringing about 6 guns and 3 spear-poles, we quickly set up camp and head to the Honey Hole that is just down the river from the main camping area.

Camp site close to Bluff.
Camp site close to Chalk Bluff.

Leaving the Honey Hole empty handed, we headed back to the Bluff to fly the drone around and drink some Lone Star beers and talk about future endeavors. This short trip wouldn’t be complete without a video recapping the story of our small adventure. -JWB

Check out our first video that we made out in Chalk Bluff – this time with a crew full of characters that know how to have a good time. This was shot in the fall of 2015.

11-Person CORE Tent

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