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We've moved to New Braunfels, Texas!

Exactly a year ago, Brandi and I were visiting Hawaii with Jasmine, Garrett and Chrissy and we had a loose plan in mind for the future. We were thinking about moving to Denver within a year or two and running our business remotely. But then we met up with Kate and Brett in Honolulu and they mentioned they had a studio they rented out on Oahu.

This exciting thought threw a wrench in our plans (one of those good wrenches) because we had to take them up on their offer to live there - who knows if we’d ever be able to again. At the time, we didn’t have any weddings during the summer so we decided to move to Oahu for 3 months and try out working remotely - a bit of a test.

We moved from downtown San Antonio at Rivera in February to my ma’s place in the Canyon Lake/Bulverde area.

Then to Honolulu for $100 with Southwest at the end of May until September when we flew back to the Mainland for $200 on American. We even visited Australia for a week while we were in the Pacific - we actually bought those tickets on the way to Hawaii when we saw a deal for $290 roundtrip. The prices are worth mentioning because we cannot believe that once we started planning this Hawaii move, Southwest simultaneously opened their Oahu routes and had an insane special. American Airlines dropped their prices to compete.

During the very last week of living in Kate and Brett’s studio, we weren’t so sure about where we wanted to be next. Denver became less and less exciting and we thought that moving out of state could hurt the business since we were also running marketing campaigns that told potential clients a bit about our personal lives and how we would be the faces of the company.

We looked into small towns around San Antonio including Boerne, Blanco, Bulverde but ultimately landed on New Braunfels because it has so much to offer. We also love being able to walk around so we looked into all of the places near the downtown square (or, you know, circle). We also wanted to be a part of the river life here in the Hill Country.

Once we got back from Hawaii, we lived with Robin and Russ for another month and yesterday we made the move to the The Landmark Lofts & Garden Apartment Homes in New Braunfels!

We’ve minimized our belongings over the years and it only took an hour to unload everything with 3 people - we only had to rent the smallest U-Haul (the 10 footer) and we had 2 SUVs full. The easiest move we’ve ever made.

We’ll be living in the apartments (so not in the warehouse lofts) and we have a gate that leads right into Landa Park, New Braunfels, Texas. Wurstfest is a 3 minute walk and is coming up quick. I actually just walked down to the Crosswalk Coffeehouse & Cafe' and it took about 12 minutes.

We’ll most likely live here for at least 2 years and continue growing our business. We love working with our shooters Eric Hunter, John Paul McCartney, Joshua David, Mattias Alegro Marasigan and Joe Williams. We want to eventually work with editors but that will be the next phase. Also, thank you Philip Becker with Becker Properties in believing in us as we continue to grow and take on more work than what Brandi and I can do ourselves.

A huge thank you to Kate Bliss and Brett Tobin for having us in Hawaii, Robin Kunz Paquette and Russ for letting us crash for months in the Hill Country, Kelsey Miller-Bertolacci for helping us with all of the New Braunfels real estate/leasing needs while we were gone, Aunt Kelly Kunz Marciano and Uncle Tony for storing our beloved couch, Jon Becker for helping me move that couch (multiple times), Susan Kunz (Moppy) and Michael Kunz (Poppy) for storing more of our belongings and Robin again for helping us move yesterday! Oh yeah, and the random landscaping dude that helped us move the couch from the U-Haul to the apartment - I never got his name.

In summary, we had no idea when visiting Hawaii a year ago that we’d find ourselves in New Braunfels after having an incredible summer in the islands. We’re excited about what the future can offer.

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