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Texas History Series: Polly, Texas

We present to you Part 1 of our new Texas History Series all about the small historical community of Polly, Texas.

This (ghost) town is located near Bandera right off Hwy 16 and features a small chapel, a school and a cemetery as the main public attractions all established or influenced by Policarpo Rodriguez in the late 1800s.

I visited Polly in the Spring of 2019 and shot this footage with a Sony a7iii camera and DJI Mavic Pro drone. I saw that there are limited resources (and videos) about Polly so I thought it'd be neat to add this information in a fun format to the global community. I also recorded the voiceover and admittedly feel that I strayed from a "Texas character" I was channeling at the beginning. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how I can improve this series as I create more historical content.

I've always loved Texas History and the Texas Hill Country - I was born in Waco in '86 and immediately relocated to San Antonio, then moved to Denton in 2007 for college studies, Austin in 2011 to start a videography business, back to San Antonio in 2017 and now New Braunfels since 2019. Although these ideas have always been on my mind, I truly absorbed inspiration from listening to Ken Wise's podcast called Wise About Texas, THE Texas History podcast. I owe him a thank you for motivating me to start this thing. Subscribe to us on YouTube to follow the stories! We're at 996 subscribers and need only 4 more to reach the milestone of 1000. Thank you for your support! -Jacob Wayne Bondesen

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